No more “I don´t have time” / Ei ütle enam “mul pole aega”

My one promise for the 2019 year is not to say “I don´t have time”. I will say (and totally mean it) instead:

*I don´t have energy for that. It totally includes cleaning the house for example because I clean already other places and get paid for it (part time job). Home should be nice and tidy too but if I don´t have energy for that, I will admit it and say it. Because sure, there´s always time to clean my own house. I am not that busy. But no energy means my husband have to step in)
*I chose to do something else (yes, choices -choices-choices. There are always things I want to do instead. Or need to do instead.
*I have other priorities. Yes, I have right to have priorities and chose what I prefer. Why I go only once a year to Estonia? Because I have other priorities, I want to see other countries, I have plans already etc
*I DON´T WANT TO DO THAT! Yes, that is always a valid point and I should use it more often. Why to pretend I have no time if I really don´t want to do something?


Aastal 2019 ma ei ütle, et “mul pole aega”. Ma ütlen ja mõtlen, et:
*mul pole selleks energiat
*ma valin midagi muud
*mul on teised prioriteedid

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