What is Coaching?

What is Coaching and what do I do? How can I be useful for you?

Well, first about coaching. Coaching is a way to help people

What do I do?

Personal performance coaching

Travel mentoring and coaching

Writing mentoring and coaching. I published my first book 2018 (well, the very first one was 2017 but it was ghostwriting so technically it does count and does not). Yet I have been calling myself a writer for long time. And I have been dreaming of becoming a writer so long time I cannot even remember. Then why it took so long time to publish my first book? Because I was just talking about writing, learning about writing, reading books about “how to be a writer” and most of all, I was finding many excuses why I was not able to write. You know, the usual “no time, I cannot force the creative process, I need my muse to show up and then I can write, actually I have the writer´s block at the moment…” I wish I had a life coach 10 years ago who could have pointed out the basic: I was talking about writing instead of doing the writing. And it took me many years to learn how to write, how to write every day if needed, how to write even then when I was not feeling like writing. And mostly: how to write almost daily when you have a full time job. Or 2 jobs.

So I have decided to help other struggling writers. I have been there, so there´s nothing to be shamed about. I was one struggling writer myself. But now I have finished many manuscripts and soon my book nr 2 will be published. It is time to help others. I will use basic coaching tools and methods, also lot of practical tools to unblock your writing skill and get you writing. And keep you writing. Even when you have a full time job. Even when you have 2 jobs. Can I help you? Please, drop me an email by meelike@bowcoaching.com and let´s get the book in you be written!